Winter Concert Information

With the EMC Winter Concert approaching, there are several important details that we would like to share with you.  First, our concert location has changed. Due to changes at other buildings, we will now be holding our winter concert at 7:00pm on December 17th at Zion Mennonite Church - 149 E Cherry Lane, Souderton.  We are so excited to provide our students with the opportunity to sing and play their instruments in this beautiful space!  Because it will be very new to our students, the chorus will walk to Zion for rehearsals on December 13th and 14th.  We will leave EMC at 8:45am and return by 10:15am on both days.  A team of at least five specials teachers will chaperone the students, and we will also encourage safeties to wear their belts and assist in keeping the group together and safe.  Please contact Mrs. Hendricks if you have any questions or concerns regarding the rehearsals.

Our dress rehearsal will still take place at EMC on December 17th at 1:45, and we will perform for our school community at that time. 

For the concert night, we ask that each student wear concert-appropriate black and white clothing.  The easiest option is to wear a nice white shirt and black pants with black shoes, but any variation of black and white is fine (for example, girls can wear an all-black dress or a dress with black and white stripes, etc.)

On the night of the concert, all children will report to the fellowship hall at Zion Mennonite Church. Orchestra and Band students should report to the fellowship hall at 6:30pm.  Chorus-only students should arrive by 6:45pm. 

On the concert night, students should NOT have devices. To avoid any items being misplaced, please encourage your child to leave all personal belongings with you. 

Again, we are thrilled to be presenting our students with this new opportunity! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Musically Yours,
Mrs. Hendricks and Mr. Helmer