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Student Activities

Parent Involvement Activities

Art Club
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E.M.C.'s Art Club takes place during lunch recess for 4th and 5th grade. Students are split into groups to attend one of the four days in our cycle. With limited direction from Mrs. Mangum, students are encouraged to explore, experiment, draw, paint and sculpt independently or with their peers, to create unique, self-driven works of art. Throughout the year, Mrs. Mangum demonstrates techniques and teaches students where to find and how to care for materials on their own to help foster their creativity, independence and responsibility in a community. The Art Club has a strong emphasis on recycling and primarily uses donated or recycled materials. The Art Club runs in three sessions, along with the trimesters. Throughout the year, the Art Club will hold Sales to raise money for a field trip to an Art Museum at the end of the school year. The Art Club really allows students to hone-in on their personal artistic strengths and interests and express themselves in a community of creative minds.

Panther Pride Assemblies 
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Each month E.M.C. students and teachers gather for a celebration of learning. During this assembly children sing the school song and recite the school motto. Students to share poetry, songs, choral reading or other work they have been doing together. We highlight special events that have occurred in the past month and encourage reading, hard-work, and persistence, as well as upcoming events. Additionally, we share ideas about the Character Counts trait and the Book of the Month. A Celebration of EMC is the perfect place for us to honor learning and to growing in our caring school community.

Fitness and Organized Game Clubs
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The students at E.M.C. Elementary School have many opportunities to have fun and stay active during recess. In addition to the traditional recess games of kickball, hopscotch, basketball, and playground, we offer our students fitness clubs and organized games clubs. Students can participate in our Walking/Jogging Club on Day 1, Jump Rope/Hula Hoop Club on Day 2 and Organized Game Club on Day 4. Last year, our students had a lot of fun during recess and even walked/jogged over 3,000 miles! Mr. Kelly's clubs are a fun way to stay active and learn the importance teamwork, sportsmanship, cooperation, friendship and perseverance.

Reading Olympics
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Students in grades 3, 4 and 5 may choose to participate in Reading Olympics, a competition sponsored by the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit. Each year a list of books is identified, and students then read as many of the books as they can. Teams then compete in 40-question sessions to see who can answer the most correct questions about all the books.

Math Enrichment Club
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The E.M.C. Math Enrichment Club meets after school for one hour a week during the winter school months. This club provides fifth grade students with the opportunity to work in small groups which fosters a creative, thinking environment. Students who participate in the club are involved in enrichment activities that include problem solving strategies, mathematical games, and computation and analysis.

Panther Book Club
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The Panther Book Club is open to all third, fourth and fifth grade students and their parents. It is taught by volunteer teachers at E.M.C. Elementary. It meets four times throughout the school year on Monday evenings from 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Participation in this book club introduces parents to literature and teaches them how to interact with their children while reading books. The Panther Book Club promotes and builds interest in reading. Students and parents will be given books to read and discuss together at home. Come join us to discuss fascinating literature.

Student Council
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E.M.C. Elementary School has a student council made up of fourth and fifth grade students. Each class elects two representatives who meet regularly with a faculty advisor. The purpose of the student council is to: develop student leaders, raise and expend money to promote and benefit the general welfare, morale and educational experience of the whole school community, discuss problems, make recommendations, and serve as an advisor to the to improve the morale and spirit of the school and to sponsor student activities that are just simply fun for all students. In the past students have raised money through fun activities such as: crazy hair day, twin day, career day, mismatch day, etc. Proceeds raised from these activities go towards the E.M.C. field trip fund which benefits student field trips for all grade levels here at E.M.C.!


Read with Me Friday
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Over the past several years, we have offered parents the opportunity to visit the First Grade classrooms one day each month to read with their child. We believe it is important for First Graders to share their accomplishments and their learning with you. We would like to continue this meaningful experience again this year. One designated Friday, in October through April, has been selected for, "Read With Me Friday" in First Grade. We are inviting parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends of the family to join us in sharing and celebrating our learning. You and your First Grader will have the opportunity to read together, sharing and enjoying books. Our hope is that this will be a relaxing, special time for participants to "curl up" and enjoy good books together. We also hope that natural discussions will occur as you read and experience stories together. We welcome you or another significant person in your child's life to join us. Additional information regarding specific dates and times was shared at Back to School Night.

Writing Workshop Wednesday
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One of the areas in which we see the most growth from kindergartners is in writing. It is amazing to see the learning that happens from September to June. We would like to invite you to join us on the third Wednesday of each month, beginning in January, to our Writing Workshop time. During this time, you will work with your child(ren) to help them write stories. You will act as a facilitator to help them stretch out (sound out) words that they want to write, to develop their ideas for their stories and to help instill a love of writing! We would like to extend this invitation to not only parents, but grandparents, aunts, uncles or a special family friend. Additional information regarding specific dates and times was shared at Back to School Night and will be sent home again in early January.

Mystery Readers
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Each Friday, second grade parents are invited to take turns as the guest/mystery reader in their child's classroom. The students look forward to this tradition and love being surprised when a family member reads aloud and interacts with their classmates. The mystery reader should bring an age-appropriate picture book of their choice and try their best not to spill the beans! The second grade teachers will distribute a sign-up sheet and provide additional information at Back to School Night. Feel free to also email your child's teacher throughout the school year for available upcoming dates. We look forward to listening to your favorite stories when you visit our classrooms!

Writing Celebrations
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Writing can be a joyful challenge in third grade. As students get older and are able to write for longer periods, third grade is the perfect time to begin to expand the students' writing skills. Students learn how to craft interesting personal narratives, fact-filled informational pieces, and convincing persuasive paragraphs. Once a trimester, the students will have a Writing Celebration in which they will share some of their writing to an audience of their classmates and family members. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend. Notices will be sent home letting you know when the celebrations will take place.

We believe that fifth grade students need to have the opportunity to collaborate, share their learning, and develop leadership skills as the student leaders of the school. We would like to include parents in their students' learning. This year we are extending an invitation for you to participate in three events where you can interact with your student in the school setting. The first event will be our classroom meetings, where the entire fifth grade comes together to build class spirit and school community. We will need some parents to help participate with these meetings and provide healthy refreshments. The other event that fifth grade will be hosting is a Poetry Café. We are excited for students to share their learning with each other, and at the final Poetry Café parents will be invited to join this celebration.

The Biography Projects are a demonstration of the skills students have learned in reading and writing workshop. Students will be expected to apply all of the comprehension strategies and writing skills they have learned over the course of fourth grade . What is so exciting about this project is that it is completed independently by students at school. Students will research about a person who has changed the world, display their information on a tri-fold, and give a speech as that person. This year, we are inviting parents to participate in this milestone of learning. We would love for family members to come and share in this worthwhile experience.