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Back-to-School Information Review 2022-2023

Back-to-School Information Review 2022-2023

Please complete and return the Back-to-School 2022-2023 Information Review, available at the link below, for each of your children that attend Souderton Area School District. The review includes required policy and procedure agreements as well as important weather-related and health information. Completed packets should be returned to your child’s school no later than Friday, September 9th, 2022.

If you would like to return your completed Back-to-School Information Review packet via PDF attached to an e-mail, please send to the designated staff member at your home school according to the list below.  If you are a Souderton Area Virtual  Academy student, please return your completed packet to your home school.

E.M.C. Elementary School
Laura Soda or Jennifer Scheider

Franconia Elementary School 
Karen Malley or DeAnna Wett

Oak Ridge Elementary School
Sandy Clemens or Cheryl Chwieroth

Salford Hills Elementary School
Judi Landis or Erin Richter

Vernfield Elementary School
Nancy Smericki or

West Broad Street Elementary School
Stephanie Ziegler

Indian Crest Middle School
Jennifer Busfield

Indian Valley Middle School
Lindsay Platt

Souderton Area High School
Lisa Cole or Barbara Denison