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Weekly News - February 6th, 2024

Please see some important information regarding dates and links:

  1. February’s Schoolwide Fact Challenge continues: We are doing very well; keep up the excellent work! -Our goal is for students to learn their basic facts! Encourage your child to complete their addition and subtraction GYMS in First In Math!  If they would like to tackle multiplication and division GYMS- Go for it!   Parents, thank you for encouraging their fact practice at home!  Just 10-15 mins a day is helpful!  Every EMC student has a First In Math account. They can practice their facts in the GYMS section of the program. Students have been presented with the challenge to complete the addition and subtraction gyms!
  2. Bean Bag Cereal Box Donation: - February 1-22nd. February is a month of caring and sharing! We would love for every student to donate a box of cereal for our Bean Bag Food Drive. As a school, we will do some fun collection activities with all the cereal boxes we receive, like math problems, and a large cereal train with a “domino” run. Then we will deliver the cereal boxes to Zion Church for their Bean Bag distribution!  
  3. Pretzel Day- Bring in your money for pretzel orders on Wednesday, Feb. 7th! $1. per pretzel. Pretzels will be delivered to students on Friday afternoon. Proceeds support our Grade 4 Harrisburg field trip.
  4. EMC School Spirit Day- Wednesday, Feb. 7- Wear EMC school spirit wear or our school colors Black, Teal, and/or Gray. You can also wear red for Souderton! The class with the most spirit wins our Panther Bobblehead for the month!
  5. Coffee with the Principal- Friday, Feb. 9- 8:20-9am in the library. Parents of Grade 2-3 students, join Mrs. Ferlick for school news and tips about how to help your child at home with academics.
  6. This Month’s Newsletter: The Panther Press
  7. Arrival and Dismissal: It is very important to us that we keep our EMC families safe. Please view this Arrival and Dismissal video as a reminder of EMC’s procedures. Thank you for your help in making our school a safe place.  
  8. Here is a link to our School Calendar this month!
  9. School Dentist Visit -Smiles Dentist will be on site at EMC on Wednesday, March 6, 2024. Visit the Smile Dentist Web site to register. Any questions please reach out to Mrs. Aldredge the school nurse 


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