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Weekly News - February 28th, 2024

Please see some important information regarding dates and links:

  1. FIM Classroom of the Month of February!: Which classroom will earn the most stickers for the month of February? Tonight is the last night to gain stickers for this month! Play First In Math tonight! Prizes will be given to the Classroom of the Month!
  2. Cereal Boxes: Thank you for your donation of cereal boxes for The Bean Bag Organization! With the help of EMC families, teachers and A&T Subaru, we have over 360 boxes! This week the students have been engaged in math activities in their classroom with the cereal boxes. Ask your child about them! 
  3. Thursday’s Fun- Feb. 29: Grade 4 students will be creating our Cereal Box Run!  All our students will watch the cereal boxes fall like dominoes! We are excited about this event tomorrow.
  4. Kindness Week: This week is Kindness Week. We have been encouraging our students to share kind words, be helpful, and talk to new peers. Today’s activity for home and/or school, write a note to someone saying something nice! For example: your child can write a note to the bus driver: Thank you for driving me safely to and from school.
  5. Read Across America Week: March 4-7. Students have fun spirit activities...
    3 /4: Wear Mismatched Socks
    3 /5: Bring Your Favorite Dr. Seuss Book to School
    3 / 7: Wear a Shirt from a Place You Have Visited
  6. Home and School Dr. Seuss Night: Thursday, March 7, 6:15-8pm in the APR at EMC. More details to come! See the Dr. Seuss Night flyer.
  7. Youth Art Month- March: March 4-7 Art Goes to School Week. We will be sharing and talking about artwork by famous artists.
  8. March 14 Artist Reception: SASD students’ artwork on display at the Indian Valley Public Library from 6-7:30pm Open House.
  9. Home and School Meeting- Tonight- Feb. 28 at 7pm in the APR.
  10. Home and School BINGO Night Fundraiser: EMC Bingo Night. Saturday, March 23. Event: 6-9pm at the Tylersport Fire Dept. Adults only. Check out the EMC Facebook for more details.
  11. This Month’s Newsletter: The Panther Press, March 2024 
  12. Arrival and Dismissal: It is very important to us that we keep our EMC families safe. Please view this Arrival and Dismissal video as a reminder of EMC’s procedures. Thank you for your help in making our school a safe place. 
  13. Here is a link to our School Calendar this month!
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